Yes, it’s true. Hell has frozen over!

After much waiting the TFS team have today announced that Git is a fully supported source control choice for TFS, and that Visual Studio 2012 now has tooling available for working with Git repositories, built right into the VS shell.  I know, right?! Oh, and it’s not some Microsoft half baked git like implementation, it’s the full thing.

Here’s the announcement on Brian Harry’s blog:

And here’s a quick getting started post on the VSALM team blog:

So what’s stopping you? If you haven’t already created an account on then get to it. Download the bits for VS2012, create yourself a team project with Git as your source control provider and see what it’s like.

P.S. In case you’ve forgotten, for those using a TFS server with the standard version control system, you can use Git-Tf to put a local git repository in front of it.