I’m pleased to announce that my Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook is now available from Packt Publishing.  Amazon and other distributors should have it available shortly.

As a developer you should always know how to make the most of the tools at your disposal and the Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook is a great way to reduce the learning and discovery time for your shiny new IDE. The book is a “ramp up” book that aims to quickly familiarise you with the major new features of VS2012 and assumes you have a working knowledge of a prior Visual Studio version.

Because it’s a ramp up book it won’t be for everyone, however it’s priced so it can be more time efficient to buy the e-book (or tree-book if you must) and use it to learn the new features rather than trying to find the same information by either exploring the app click by click or scouring the web looking for “what’s new” articles.

Go ahead, buy a copy today, and don’t forget to get one for your Mum as well!  I’ve got starving children to feed!