Taken verbatim from an internal Readify announcement:

Some weeks ago, a company in Redmond, California released a major update to their current generation of Windows called "SP1". That's ​a boring name for a product that essentially improves and cleans up windows, so we'll refer to this product as "Windex" from now on. Windex is a great thing. IT took the time to put it on our own computers and tried it out. Sure enough, all our windows are cleaner and just better. There have been no bad effects to using Windex as yet.

Emboldened, we set upon a course of putting Windex everywhere we could. We gave it to our friends. We gave it to our colleagues. Everyone loves Windex! This week, we've been busily applying Windex to all the Readify servers. It's been a very positive experience and all Readify's servers have taken to Windex without complaint. In fact, they love Windex!

All our servers for the most part however all rely on three very powerful master machines that are the unsung heroes of our network. These magnificent machines are the quiet achievers of the Cloud network - they manage, control and look after all the servers you know and love; as well as all the servers you don't know and love yet (be assured you'd love them if you knew them). We'll call these three servers the "Hosts" of the network. These three hosts don't yet have Windex. They've seen Windex be put onto all the servers they look after, and have been patiently waiting for someone to come and apply some Windex to them.

That time has come!

... but there's a catch. As a part of applying Windex to any machine, you need to close and reopen the windows on it. I'll call this process "Rebooting". The rest of the network can't do anything if the hosts that look after them are rebooting. So, while the network isn't doing anything, neither will any of our staff. As a result, putting Windex on the hosts during the week would be bad™.

So, starting from about 2am on Sunday morning, while everyone is either in bed or out partying and not caring; These quiet achievers of the Readify family will finally get their Windex. If all goes well, they will be back up and running (and much better and cleaner) by the time you start trying using the network on Sunday. If all doesn’t go well, it’s ok we can still email you and tell you it didn’t go well – and trust us: We’ll know about it before you do. We’ll have all day Sunday to fix any snafu that may happen and still have the whole network ready to run by Monday morning. You may need to consider not doing any work on Sunday.

Kudos to the fantastic Nathan Thomas for always keeping us in the loop as to what’s happening.  I love it!

What’s the best downtime message you’ve ever seen?