This is a quick one for a few guys I was talking with today.

One of the PITA things about Visual Studio 2008 / 2010 is that when you choose to have Visual Studio implement an interface for you it will generate the code inside a #region block.  And why is that bad?  Because regions suck! Feel free to start a religious wars over it, but let me just say that if I can’t see all the code when opening a source file and you make me click or press a hot key just to see a few lines of code it then I’m likely to go postal on you.  With a rotting halibut and a cork.

So, if you want to avoid the ire of the region police then let me suggest a small settings change in Visual Studio.  This one right here: (VS2010 screen shot shown)


Is that obvious enough for you? Good! Now go ahead and make that change and start being nice to your fellow developers.

That will be all :-)