Or do you for that matter?

For those who don’t follow me on twitter (and why not!?) I’ve been doing an internal podcast in Readify where I interview some of our new staff.  Anyway Dave (who is not Readify) suggested that I create a public podcast as well, which I have thought about before.

Before I do, here’s a few questions I’d like to hear some opinions on:

1. Would you actually listen to one? (Assuming the quality didn’t completely suck)

2. What’s your ideal podcast length? (I’ve been doing 15-25 minutes internally)

3. If I do an interview style podcast (think hanselminutes) then who should I try to get on as guests?

All feedback and ideas are welcome :-) and any disparaging remarks can be forwarded to my support email at  [email protected]

P.S. I asked this same set of questions on the OzAlt.Net mailing list, so you can always reply there if you prefer.