A few days ago I wrote about code katas and the poor effort I thought the first one was for me and how eye opening that was.  Well that effort has spurred me on to improve myself and I’ve stuck with it over the last few days by going through the kata a number of times on train trips and late at night trying to improve the time it takes and how efficiently I can get to done and now I’m able to run through the kata in a matter of minutes, as you can see here.

As you can also see, I still make plenty of mistakes in my typing, I think I make better use ReSharper and I tend to type out variable names long hand instead of relying on auto completion to help me out.  To that end I’ve still got a ways to go to get it right but even so it’s a big improvement on the first run.  And if you’re wondering, I’ve put the video here not to boast, but to act as a baseline against which to measure my improvement over time and also so I can get feedback from you for further improvement.  So, what else can I do to improve?  What other mistakes am I making?  I’d like to know.