I'm pleased to say that I've just completed my Certified Scrum Master course.  After 3 years of doing agile/scrum work I've finally decided to get some certifications.  The course was presented by Jens Ostergaard and he did a great job teaching people about the principles and practices of Scrum.  Also, rather graciously, he invited me to speak for 15 minutes and talk to the group about some of my experiences implementing Scrum in Australian companies.  I take my hat off to him for giving me the opportunity, and a chance to cheekily plug my blog :-)

For those who attended, I had a great time talking with you all, and here are some links you may find useful

The Australian Scrum Community

The SyXPAC Mailing List & Main Site (Wiki)

Scrum Development Mailing List (busy)

Control Chaos - Scrum Information by Ken Schwaber

Mike Cohn - Mountain Goat Software

Planning Poker

The Scrum Primer

The Agile Alliance