I did 2 presentations on agile today as part of the Readify Developer Network events that Readify holds for the developer community (they're free so please come along).  As I recently did an hour long presentation on "Agile From a Developers Perspective" I wanted to avoid repetition so I thought I'd try to do something a little different and do a presentation on agile in an agile manner, where I let the audience (the customer) define the content of the presentation (setting the requirements and the priorities).

Below is a video (33 minutes) of the second presentation, recorded live.  There's not a lot to see on screen and you don't get to see me waving my hands around, but the audio is quite good and I'd like to think that you'll get some value from it.  The presentation itself deals with the following questions:

  • How do you do estimating with an unknown target?
  • Can a team be agile in a company with a "traditional" environment?
  • How do you do up front estimating - especially related to fixed cost?
  • Which agile methodology should we use?
  • How much documentation is needed before we start & how much should we create as we go?
  • How do you pick a good agile team member - what qualities of a person do we look for?
  • How do we handle scope changes in terms of the overall project?


P.S. This video is hosted on Google Video and not YouTube because of YouTube's 10 minute length limitation.