If you've ever tried to use SQL CE databases on your desktop (instead of on your device) and you don't have Visual Studio installed with the mobile developer extensions then you know there's no simple tools for having a look at what's in the database or changing the schema or data in the database.

This is where a tool like SQL CE Console comes in handy. It's a ~A$70 tool from Primeworks that lets you create and edit SQL CE databases on your desktop. It's not the best looking tool in the world but it does it's job well.

Here's a few of it's nice features:

1. Open databases either on the device or on your local desktop

2. View contents of a table (note the statistics at the bottom in the messages window)

3. Run arbitrary queries - note that only the highlighted text was executed in this picture

Overall, I've found this to be a handy little utility and something that I'll slip into my toolbox for future reference.