There was a post on the scrumdevelopment mailing list asking why the agile message was not being picked up as clearly as we wish. Why do people not "get it"?

The problem as I see it is to do with the fundamental differences in the principles underlying both waterfall and agile development. It's the difference between management and leadership - both of which are terms bandied about interchangeably by people who don't often understand the difference.

Management is directing & controlling a process (ie having control)
Leadership is influencing & trusting people (ie releasing control)

There's an Agile Manifesto describing the principles behind agile projects. I think a "Waterfall Manifesto" would be something like
  • Process & tools over individuals & interactions
  • Following a plan over responding to change
  • Contract negotiation & self-protection over collaboration & trust
  • Comprehensive documentation over useful software

Waterfall = Management
Agile = Leadership

Leadership is a helluva lot harder than management, especially for techies-turned-bosses. Let's face it soft skills are hard to teach and people are such unpredictable things! ;-)