Mar 1, 2010

Twitual Studio

On Episode 2 of the Talking Shop Down Under podcast (go subscribe!) I was talking with Matt Hamilton and saying how it would be nice to have a Twitter client inside Visual Studio, given that’s where we spend a large amount of our time.

Well, I decided to not just talk about it, and actually do something about it instead.  So I hereby humbly announce the birth of yet another new twitter client, with the difference being that this one you should be able to use from within Visual Studio 2010.  Welcome Twitual Studio!

I’m rather time poor and my WPF skills are really bad, so I shamelessly borrowed code from Rich Stern’s WPF Tutorial and I’m learning as I do this.  That said, if this is something you want to use for yourself and you want to see something genuinely usable sooner rather than later, then I’d love you to help out.  The project is up on Codeplex and uses Mercurial for source control, so feel free to clone the repository, hack the thing to pieces and send your patches through to me.  I’d love to have them.

For the curious, here’s an early screen shot of what it looks like:

twitual studio


  1. Twitual Studio almost sounds like a bad pun about the visual studio UI performance.

    "Twitchual Studio"

  2. Hey! nice app!

    I made something like that some time ago:

    it only works with vs2008, but i guess its time to upgrade it to work with vs2010