Feb 16, 2010

Does the World Need Another Podcast?

Or do you for that matter?

For those who don’t follow me on twitter (and why not!?) I’ve been doing an internal podcast in Readify where I interview some of our new staff.  Anyway Dave (who is not Readify) suggested that I create a public podcast as well, which I have thought about before.

Before I do, here’s a few questions I’d like to hear some opinions on:

1. Would you actually listen to one? (Assuming the quality didn’t completely suck)

2. What’s your ideal podcast length? (I’ve been doing 15-25 minutes internally)

3. If I do an interview style podcast (think hanselminutes) then who should I try to get on as guests?

All feedback and ideas are welcome :-) and any disparaging remarks can be forwarded to my support email at  talktothehand@carefactor.com

P.S. I asked this same set of questions on the OzAlt.Net mailing list, so you can always reply there if you prefer.

1 comment:

  1. There's always room for another podcast, assuming it is good quality content. I listen to tons of podcasts, and am forever looking for more (ie better) ones.

    Ideal length is around 25 mins.

    I'm not a big fan of having guests just for the sake of an interview style unless they really add value. Feel free to have guest free shows at times.

    It strikes me that the main value you could add (ie you personally Richard) is your perspective of what works and what doesn't out there in the field - I'm thinking Scrum being the focus. Too often tools/methodologies/approaches are promoted or criticised based on one situation. I'd be interested to hear where certain tools work and where they don't based on your years of experience.