Jul 30, 2008

I'm Now a Certified Scrum Practitioner

I finally got my notification through that I am now a Certified Scrum Practitioner.  It's means that the scrum alliance certifies that I've been working with Scrum for over a year now and that I know what I'm doing.

For regular readers of this blog I'd hope that it was self apparent :-) but it's nice to have an external body say it as well.  In time I'm aiming to get the Certified Scrum Coach and/or Certified Scrum Trainer certifications, but that's going to take quite some time given the pre-requisites.

Jul 24, 2008

Building Loosely Coupled Applications with Unity @ Tech.Ed Oz '08

I've been fortunate enough to be given a speaking slot at Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia this year and I'll be doing a session on using Unity - the new IoC container included with Enterprise Library v4.0.

Here's the session extract from the Tech.Ed Australia Session Catalogue:

"Loosely coupled applications. We all want them, yet the reality of what we build is usually so far removed from that goal.  Come and see how the Unity container and the inversion of control & dependency injection patterns can help you architect applications that are not only free of tight class couplings but have the added advantage of being easier to test.  Techniques for breaking dependencies in existing code will also be covered."

If you're coming to Tech.Ed I hope I'll see you there!

P.S. There's plenty of other reasons to go to Tech.Ed (other than me of course) with a host of speakers from Redmond, including Scott Hanselman, and a squad of current and former Redifarians: Mitch Denny, Corneliu Tusnea, Paul Glavich, Paul Stovell, Tatham Oddie, Greg Low & Bill Chesnut

Jul 22, 2008

Are You Really Agile?

There's a lot of people out there who claim to be agile, however it's so easy to bandy about the A-word these days that it's almost impossible to know if a team is just a bunch of cowboys, wether they're just using trying to fit a waterfall process into an agile time frame (agilefall) or if they are actually doing things properly.

Nokia (yes, the phone company) runs Scrum internally and developed a simple test to determine how agile a team really is.

It's a test in 2 parts.  Part one focuses on iterative development and part two on how well you are doing Scrum.

Here it is:

First, are you doing iterative development?

  • Iterations must be time boxed to less than 4 weeks.
  • Software features must be tested and working at the end of each iteration.
  • The iteration must start before specifications are complete.

Second, are you doing Scrum?

  • You know who the Product Owner is
  • There is a product backlog prioritised by business value
  • The product backlog has estimates created by the team
  • The team generates burndown charts and knows their velocity
  • There are no project managers (or anyone else) disrupting the work of the team

Note that the Product Owner question relates to having an individual product owner - it doesn't say "You know who the Product Owners are".  I've seen teams with two masters trying to do agile and they only ever have problems.

I also find it interesting that there is nothing in the test about having retrospectives, especially as one of the agile principles is the "inspect & adapt" loop, but apart from that it's a good test.  In any case, if a team gets 8 out of 8 in this test then they're most likely doing retrospectives any way.


So why don't you take the test.  How does your team score?

Jul 3, 2008

RDN Dev Days featuring Agile Development

Some of you may be aware that Readify have been running a series of free developer sessions for some time now known as the Readify Developer Network. Past RDN sessions have covered a wide range of topics and have been presented by various people from within Readify, including many of the 10 MVP's we have on board.

Well, it's pleasing to announce that while we are continuing to run the regular RDN sessions we're now also launching an extension of RDN this month called the RDN Dev Day.

Think of it like a one-day tech conference featuring content across 3 tracks presented by 3 of Readify's team, including Hands on Labs to help you get to grips with the latest .NET technology.

The 3 presenters for the inaugural sessions will be Mitch Denny, Paul Stovell and myself with the tracks being:

  • Team System
  • .NET 3.0 & 3.5 (WPF, Silverlight, Linq & WCF)
  • Agile Development

The dev days will be happening in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney & Melbourne over the coming weeks.  Brisbane on July 25th, Perth on July 29th and Sydney & Melbourne in mid-August.  Note that I won't be at the Perth Dev Day, so some of my sessions will be presented by Mitch.

Here's the agenda so you know what's available.


Registration 8:30am
Welcome and Key Note 9am-10:30am
Key Note: The .NET Roadmap for 2009 & Crystal Balling - What will .NET look like in the future?
Morning Tea 10:30am
Times Mitch Denny (MVP) Paul Stovell (MVP) Richard Banks
10:55-12pm Team Development with Team Foundation Server (I) Introduction to WPF Introduction to Agile Development
12:10-1:15pm Team Development with Team Foundation Server (II) Introduction to Silverlight Test Driven Development
Lunch 1:15pm-1:45pm
1:45pm-2:45pm Adding Manageability and Scriptability to your Applications Hands on Lab: WPF Introduction to Agile Development [Repeat]
Afternoon Tea 2:45pm-3pm
3pm-4pm Hands on Lab: Setting a Team Project in Team Foundation Server LINQ in Depth Planning & Estimating in Agile Projects
4:05pm-5:15pm Managing the Database Upgrade Process with DBPro and Team Foundation Server Hands on Lab: WCF Basics Agile Q&A


Please note that demand is expected to be high and registrations are only open for a short period of time, with Brisbane and Perth open now so get in early and book yourself a spot today.  I'm really looking forward to presenting and I'd love to see you there!


UPDATE: In case it wasn't clear, only Brisbane & Perth registrations are open at the moment. Sydney & Melbourne will be available in the next few weeks. Sorry for any confusion.