Dec 19, 2007

RDN: Agile Development From a Developers Perspective

I'll be presenting a free session on agile development and what it looks like from a .NET developers point of view as part of the free Readify Developer Network events we regularly hold around the country (Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne).  If you're not still on holidays between Jan 15 - 17 (check the RDN calendar) then register now, put the date in your diary and I'll see you then.

Oh, don't forget to bring your questions.  The more interactive we can be then the more value you should get from it!


  1. I am a bit disappointed I missed this one. When I registered in August 2007 the roster (and my confirmation) had the Agile Development RDN listed as being on 25 March.

    Any chance of it being repeated?

  2. Possibly, but it might be a while before there's a free slot in the RDN calendar again :-)

    There's always the agile primer I'll be doing in a few months, but that's going to be a half-hour overview and will stay high level.