Sep 12, 2007

Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Bug with Preformatted Sections

Well, this is a bit sad, but I guess it's still a beta.

I was just entering some code sample in a blog entry via Windows Live Writer when it removed the line breaks from all my preformatted code sections (ie the <pre> sections).

Here's some screen shots of the bug in action:

1. Entering the <pre> code:


2. Switching back to Web view (F11)


3. Switching back to HTML view (Shift+F11).  Nothing else was pressed.  You can see the <pre /> section is now messed up.


4. And back to Web view just to make sure it's been butchered (F11 again)


A quick look on google doesn't show anything about it.  Guess I'll go submit a bug report.


  1. This might help with inserting code into a blog entry. It is a plugin for Writer.

  2. Thanks. I already use the "Insert From Visual Studio" plugin.

    The issue isn't how I get the preformatted code into the blog entry, but what happens to it once it's there.

  3. MS Support have got back to me about this. The workaround is to change the settings for the blog from XHTML to HTML.

    If you're experiencing the same thing then in your Weblog Settings go to the Advanced options and change the Markup Type value to HTML and see how you go.

    They WLW team are apparently looking at the issue, but I wouldn't expect a fix until Beta 4/RC1 (whichever comes next).