Nov 13, 2006

An Aussie Scrum Community

Well, kind of...

The Australian Scrum Community is a new shared blog with a focus on all things Scrum (as in agile, not union or league). They even linked to one of my posts :-)

It would be nice to have some sort of membership or sign up system, but since it's relatively I'm willing to give it some time. It's a great idea by the guys behind it and here's hoping it takes off.


  1. If you have any ideas on how such a membership system would work I'd love to hear them. The closest thing we have is some mailing lists.

    The site has only been up for a few weeks so it is still a "potential community". All suggestions welcome.

  2. I'm would think if you can set up a message board/forum type of area that would be cool, but just have a verification check to make sure they're Aussies.

    Depend's on your server software I suppose...