Nov 11, 2006

Another Windows Live Writer update

Personally, I love Windows Live Writer.  Being able to write blog entries on the train is great, editing in your web logs styles is cool and it's also a neat way of capturing notes during meetings.

Over the last few months there have been a number of occassions where the blogger beta changes have broken the live writer betas.  The Live Writer team have done a great job in responding quickly when blogger changes break something else.  They've also fixed an annoyance in using the keyboard to select sections of text (selecting text with shift+left would work, but moving back with shift+right wouldn't).

Yet another update for live writer is out which fixes the problems I was having previously.  It's also a little different in that it has a 1.0 version number (which is strange for a beta) and the install takes you to an install-success web page.

Other than that - let's hope there's not many more breaking changes.  Blogger beta is feature complete so that should help things settle down somewhat - well, here's hoping anyway.

For now - Back to train blogging again!! Yay!


  1. I've just installed livewriter, & am not getting it to work with Blogger Beta.
    The setup gets to the provider & looks like: http ://< feed-id >/posts/full
    I'm assuming that the feed-id is my user name, but get the message that the account cannot be accessed.
    Have you had any luck around it?

  2. Problem solved... Possibly because I have a gmail account, the correct feed address does not follow Livewriter's settings, but should be
    By configuring the performancing extension, & copying its settings, I was able to get LiveWriter going.

  3. For the beta you need to change the feed-id to be your Blog ID, not your user name.

    If you do a "view source" of your blog main page you should see a link that looks something like this
    <link rel="" type="application/atom+xml" title="Your Title" href="" />

    The XXXXX bit is your blog id. Use that in place of the feed-id and it should work fine.
    P.S. I see you got it working a different way, so you can probably ignore this comment ;-)