Oct 1, 2006

The Upside Down Show

If you happen to be an Aussie with Nick Jr. on your Foxtel, then tune in to the Upside Down Show.

This is theoretically a show for kids, but how any show that features the Umbilical Brothers could be for kids only, I don't know. It's wierd, it's zany, it's way over the top and it's very, very funny. Just the way kids (and big kids) like it.


  1. The Upside Down Show is a wonderfully original, creative and imaginative show..and it deserves a second season! Please visit the Umbies home page and find out how a bunch of fellow moms (and dads) are writing into the Noggin and Nick to get this show the 2nd season it deserves...It's easy..it's quick..and you can check out some of the Umbies more "adult" work as well. Not many entertainers can make kids AND their parents laugh!! www.umbilicalbrothers.com

  2. The Upside Down Show is a great show for kids. My son who isn't in the "twos" yet, just loves it. You have to respect a show that commands a kid's undivided attention. I have written many times to Noggin and Nick Jr. with the generic response back. Hopefully someone intelligent there will listen!