Sep 29, 2006

Live Writer Updated

The Live Writer beta has been updated (yay!).

It now supports the blogger beta, so I guess I'll go download it now and see what the other changes are like.

Many thanks go to the writer team for listening to the community :-)


Update: Blogger changed their own beta and caused the Live Writer connect to fail.  There's a post at to explain how to fix this problem.

(P.S. The update was written in Live Writer to prove it all works now).


  1. How did you get blogger labels working with Live Writer? I don't like going back to the blogger beta editor and adding the labels after posting from Live Writer.

  2. Unfortunately I didn't. The beta doesn't support the tagging in blogger beta at this stage. I'm still doing what you suggested and jumping back in to the blgger editor after the fact and setting the labels.