Nov 7, 2005

Atlas available for download

The Atlas project (Microsoft's Ajax kit) is now available for download on the ASP.Net beta release site. Worth a look if you're getting into Ajax and .NET 2.0.

P.S. Demo's work cross browser (eg Safari) which is a nice thing to see.

Lost: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

The google sightseeing blog has an amusing entry about using the infamous numbers from Lost as latitude/longitude coordinates. When combined in the right way, they pinpoint a small island in the Pacific. Very amusing :-)

The blog entry is at

Nov 4, 2005

Patterns & Practices for .NET 2.0

With the release of Visual Studio 2005 Microsoft have been publishing new documents and guides faster than the eye can blink. The Patterns & Practices team have been putting out a good chunk of these, and they've also just released a new CTP version of the Enterprise Library (or EntLib).

It's a real shame that their stuff is hosted on GotDotNet - it's one of the worst sites in terms of performance I've ever seen.

Office 12 screen shots

Paul Thurott (WinSuperSite) has put some screenshots on his web site of the installation procedure for Office 12 and of Word 12 as well.

The installation pictures are probably a hint as to what will happen with MSI v4, and the subtle visuals in the installation shots are really nice - very similar to the Aero visuals but in XP.

The Word shots are also really enlightening. Apart from the new style toolbars (which look great) the menu's are really great - having tooltip style help showing under large menu items is a fantastic idea and really improves usability. Integration of the page zoom into the status bar and the use of a slider is also a great improvement in usability.

Overall - Word is looking really good and it's great to see Microsoft willing to leave the old style design of office behind and take a fresh new approach.

The only problem is now I'll have to rethink how the applications I develop look and feel as well. I guess you can't have it all...

Nov 3, 2005

Top 20 Stupid Quotes

This one's doing the rounds in the office at the moment. I thought I'd share it with you for you enjoyment ;-)

Nov 2, 2005

AJAX spell checker

I've been looking at incorporating a spell checker into an ASP.NET application on and off for a while, but could never really find anything that was suitable - either there are popup pages involved, or it was all client side validation which meant dictionaries had to live on the client machine to be useful.

I've just run across an AJAX based spell checker at broken-notebook that looks the goods. It's in PHP, but I'm sure it won't take long to knock into shape as an ASP.NET page.

I'll post some results here soon.

Nov 1, 2005

Build a Web site to navigate your Music Library

Microsoft's Coding4Fun boys have put out an article showin how to navigate and play your music library with a simple .NET 2.0 app.

Go to and have a look if you're interested.